PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

Introduction of PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

1. Occupational health and safety testing, where the plant needs clean air, precision instruments, test equipment, electronic components, food, pharmaceutical manufacturing process management
2. Research institutions, meteorology, public health science, industrial engineering labor hygiene, air pollution research
3. Health and quarantine inspection, power plants, coal bunkers, granary, cement plant, and other dust mass coefficient larger industrial sites, coal production workshop safety testing, flour workshop environmental testing
4. Dust monitoring industrial and mining labor department, workshop, glass fiber, cartridge dust, dust bag, electrostatic dust
5. Environmental testing, pollution investigation
6. Scientific research, rapid test filter performance test
7. Dust concentration measurement site, the exhaust port dust concentration monitoring
8. Temporary Online dust / granulation process research
9. The total coal mine dust workplace, respirable dust, coal dust

Features of PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

1. Professional optical scattering particle testing techniques
2. Equipped with Intelligent meters, to meet a variety of testing requirements
3. With small size, light weight, easy to carry
4. Fast and accurate measurement, digital display, high sensitivity, stable performance

Function of PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

1. Response time only 2 seconds
2. Can lock the instantaneous values by <HOLD> key
3. Test values can be stored, each calibration table corresponding to 24 data records
4. Can be read, get average, delete records, can configure the printer
5. Equipped with backlight illumination lights, can be work in a dark environment

Technical parameters of PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

Dust detect grade PM2.5,PM10,TSP
Detect range 0.001-10.0mg/m³
Detect sensitivity 0.001mg/m³
Repeatablitty error ≤±2%
Dust particle grade 2.5um and TSPum disppay at the same time
Air sample flow rate 1.42L/min(0.1ft 3/min)
Sample time  1/second---100/min,manual set any time
Communication RS232
Working enviroment temp:0-55ºC;humdity:20-80
Power 220V,Li battery inset,can work more than 5 hours
Dimension 170mm*150mm*70mm
Weight 950g

Photos of PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector

PM2.5 Dust Particle Detector


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