Dust and Noise Monitoring System

Dust and Noise Monitoring System

Dust and Noise Monitoring System

Introduction of dust and Noise Monitoring System

ZC200 air quality monitoring system can simultaneously monitor a variety of environmental parameters, for example dust, gas, ect, with a wide range of measurement, long life, easy operation and so on. And according to user needs, the data at the same time presented in the LCD \ LED display. The system analyzes the concentration of dust in the environment by laser scattering units.

Dust and Noise Monitoring System Equipment Characteristics

1, can be 24h/365 days of continuous online monitoring or regular monitoring;
2, GPRS, wireless wifi, RS485 communication optional
3, expansion of meteorological parameters: temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind and other meteorological signals to expand access to achieve a comprehensive environmental monitoring;
4, all aluminum alloy shell: all aluminum alloy shell, solid, dustproof, rust, moisture, suitable for all kinds of harsh industrial environment, protection class IP65;
5, can guarantee the relative humidity of 10% -90%, ambient temperature -40 ℃ -70 ℃ normal work;
6, connect 220V mains, such as the user with a non-stop power reserve time depending on the battery capacity may be;

Dust Noise Monitoring System Device Parameters

1, noise range: 25 ~ 130dB (A),  frequency range: 20Hz ~ 12.5kHz
2, dust monitoring: can simultaneously monitor PM2.5, PM10, TSP, range: 0-10000μg / m3, sensitivity: 0.001mg / m³.
3, the output interface: RS232, RS485, wireless WIFI, GPRS communication optional
3, power supply: 220V electricity.
4, size: 400mm × 300mm × 130mm
5, working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃; relative humidity: 10% to 90%; pressure: 65KPa ~ 108KPa.
6, sampling time: standard time is 1 minute, with 0.1 points and manual file (can be arbitrarily set sampling time)

The technical characteristics and advantages of the monitoring system

The system is based on the demand for the monitoring and management of dust pollution at the city site. The technical characteristics and advantages are mainly reflected in the following three points:

1. Monitoring the end system integrates multiple environmental parameters, such as TSP, PM10, PM2.5, noise, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. 24 hours online continuous monitoring, all-weather air quality data of the site, Can automatically start monitoring equipment, with multi-parameter, real-time, intelligent and other features;
2. Through the sensor network, wireless network, the Internet three transmission of data transmission, fast and easy to update real-time monitoring data;
3. Cloud-based data center platform brings together different regions, different periods of monitoring data, with massive storage space, can be multi-dimensional, multi-time statistical analysis of data, easy to manage part of the orderly work, but also for the establishment of the site Environmental pollution control standards to accumulate data to promote long-term management of air pollution.

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Dust and noise monitoring systemDust and noise monitoring systemDust and noise monitoring system


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