Chairman Statement

Today, with the increasing impact of global climate change, the development of low-carbon economy and the control of greenhouse gas emissions become the consensus and responsibility of all mankind. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, Shandong Lvbei Energy Saving Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.through the integration and optimization of corporate resources, and actively join the green areas, is committed to creating a new green sustainable development of environmental protection industry chain. We have also got the support and recognition from all levels of government, the community and partners at home and abroad, achieveed a win-win business value and social development, to a certain extent, promoted the development of China's environmental protection cause.
I sincerely hope that with all my partners together to promote the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, to protect the economic development as the core, to save resources and energy, optimize the energy structure, strengthen ecological protection as the focus, scientific and technological progress as the support, continuously enhance the sustainable development capacity, so that our sky will be more more blue, mountains more green, water more cleaner, to make the future of theearth and the human world more beautiful, more harmonious!
All the staff of Shandong Lvbei Energy Saving Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd will do our best to focus on the development of new environmental protection industry, focuse on energy conservation and environmental protection in the field of new technology research and development, with a high sense of responsibility and mission to promote the development of global environmental protection cause, make our contribution to create a cleaner world out!