The perfect solution for discarded solar panel!

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Solar panel bring great convenience to outdoor lighting. As a new energy source, solar energy is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar cells are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. However, when solar panels have problems After being discarded, it will become new pollution, and there is a problem of recycling of battery panels.

There are still many materials in the waste solar panel that can be recycled. For example, crystalline silicon can be reused in the heavy metal industry, glass panels can be sent to glass manufacturing, aluminum frames can be sent to aluminum refineries, cables, connectors After being crushed, they can be reused in the form of copper beads, and waste plastics can be used as fuel

Precautions for abandoned solar panel

(1) When the solar panel is usually damaged and can be rescued and repaired, be careful not to touch the solar panel with bare hands. After the solar panel is scrapped, there may be the risk of electric shock, so you need to wear wire gloves or rubber gloves, etc. Gloves with better insulation to prevent the risk of electric shock;

(2) If the solar panel is connected by a cable, please pay attention to unplug the cable. If you cannot unplug, you must cut the linked cable by other methods. After the cut cable, if the copper wire is exposed, you must use plastic tape to remove it. Wrap it to avoid electric shock; then transport the solar panel to the abandoned place. During the entire operation, it is best to use blue tarp or cardboard to cover the front of the solar panel, or you can directly face it down to avoid Direct sunlight, otherwise it may cause the operation of the photoelectric conversion process, which will increase the risk. Even when there is no sun, you must pay attention to avoid electrifying the battery panel.

The perfect solution for discarded solar panel!