Reasons for reducing the life of solar panels

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Increasing the service life of solar panels is a problem that solar panel manufacturers have always attached great importance to. However, due to some objective reasons, the service life of solar panels is limited, which shortens the service time. This has always been a headache for solar panel manufacturers. Next, the editor briefly introduces three reasons for the decline in solar panel life.

1. In the early period, the output power of photovoltaic modules will reduce the life of photovoltaic solar panels. The main reason is that the output power in the early period will show a large drop. The latter is caused by the injection of light stabilized current used in silicon. Chips will cause a decrease in lifespan. The other stage is mainly because the function of the battery has been reduced, which will affect the solar panel, and it is also caused by the reduction of the function of the packaging material.

2. The quality of silicon wafers. In the early days, the poor quality of the packaging materials used for solar panels resulted in unqualified control of silicon wafers. Unqualified silicon wafers would directly affect their service life.

3. Hot spots. During use, under sunlight, some parts of the solar panels are covered and cannot be obtained, resulting in dark and mottled parts of the high-temperature incineration. This hot spot directly damages the entire solar module, so, Solar panels should be protected and cleaned regularly.

Reasons for reducing the life of solar panels