Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

Description of Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

CPU-C Microcomputer processor control with advanced digital signal collecting and processing ability,6-lever single color alarm, convenient and practical four key operation keypad, advanced functions with fast RESET key,6-level sensitivity adjustable and battery voltage display, an economic and practical new detector.

Applications of Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

1 The leak-detect in vocation of freeze, refrigeration, and air-conditioner
2 The leak-detect for air-conditioner in the car
3 Detect leaks in other systems and storage/recovery containers. It will respond to all halogen gases (including Chlorine of Fluorine) refrigerants. This includes, but is not limited to:
CFCs e.g. R12, R11, R500, R503 etc
HCFCs e.g.R22, R123,,R124,R502 etc
HFCs e.g.R134a, R404a, R125 etc
And other mixtures, e.g. AZ-50 HP62 MP39 etc
4 Detect ethylene oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment (it will detect the halogenated carrier gas)
5 Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breakers
6 Detect most gases that contain Chlorine, Fluorine, and Bromine (halogen gases)
7 Detect cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as per chloroethyl
8 Detect halogen gases in fire-extinguishing system

Features of Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

1 Microprocessor control, advanced digital signal processing
2 Single color visual display
3 Seven-level sensitivity provide an increase of up to 64x
4 Tactile keypad
5 Real time sensitivity adjustment
6 Battery voltage indication
7 Certified to delicacy for detecting R134a,R12,R22,etc.
8 Detect all the halogen gases
9 True mechanical pumping provides positive air flow through sensing tip
10 One-year warranty

Batteries 2 x AA battery (3 VDC)
Sensor Life Approx 20 hours
Battery Life Approximately 30 hours under normal condition
Max. Sensitivity R12,R22,R134a are certified to ≤14 g/yr
Ultimate Sensitivity ≤3 g/year for All halogen based refrigerants
Operation Temperature 0-52
Work Mode Continuous, no limitation
Warm up Time Approximately 6 sec
Response Time Instantaneous
Reset Time 2 sec
Probe Length 35.5 cm Flexible, stainless probe
Weight 560 g
Dimensions 22.9 x6.5x6.5 cm

Photos of Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

Halogen Gas Sensor Leak Detector

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